Results from the Humber Cup

Results from the Humber Cup

Women's Singles
C. Nguyen (Group A Round 3)
Alina Zeng ( Group C Quarter finals)
Salina He (Group A Round 3)
Tiffany Cheng ( Group C Quarterfinals)
Sarah Nguy ( Group A Round 3)


Women's Doubles
Sarah Nguy/ Theresa Yu (Groub B Quarter-finals)
K Steinke-Gauthier/ Alina Zeng (Group B round 1)
Salina He/ Christine Nguyen/ (Group A Semi-finals)


Men's Singles
Justin Wong (Group B Final)
Danish Malhotra (Group B Champion)
Terence HUI (Group C Round 2)
Yaoren Liang (Group B Semi finals)
S. ullagaddimath (Group A Round 3)


Men’s Doubles
Yaoren Liang/ Justin Wong (Group B Semi-Finals)
Danish Malhorta/ Minh To (Group C Round quarter-finals)
Nikhil Tallapureddy/ Shashank Ullaagaddimath (Group B Quarter -fnals)


Mixed Doubles
Theresa Yu/ Nikhil Tallapureddy (Group C Semi Finals)
Keighley Steinke- Gauthier/ Monh To (Group C Quarter-finals)
Christine Nguyen/ Justin Wong (Group A Quarter-finals