Champion of the Court

Champion of the Court - Ball Hockey Edition

Begins: Monday, September 24: 2:25pm-4:15pm

Ends: Monday, November 26


Champion of the Court - Soccer Edition

Begins: Tuesday, October 25: 2:00pm-5:00pm

Ends: Tuesday November 27, 2018


Champion of the Court - Volleyball Edition

Begins: Wednesday September 26, 2018  2:25pm-4:15pm

Ends: Wednesday November 28, 2018


Champion of the Court - Cricket Edition

Begins: Thursday September 27, 2018  2:25pm-4:15pm

Ends: Wednesday November 29, 2018


Champion of the Court - Basketball Edition

Begins: Friday September 28, 2018   2:00pm - 5:00pm

Ends: Friday November 30, 2018


What is Champion of the Court?

It is a co-ed league run weekly in the same time slot (see above for weekdays and times).
Points are awarded individually, NOT as a team.  Upon arrival each week, we put teams together, and you individually receive a point for each Win your team earns within the time slot.
We track your points and post weekly on our board outside the gym.

Come sign-up today at the rec. office, or drop by the gym to check it out!