Rec Bucks

Collect Rec Bucks to get cool Rec gear. The more activities you participate in, the more Rec Bucks you earn. Rec Bucks can be accumulated from the fall semester and winter semester, with an opportunity to redeem them at the end of each semester.

Rec Bucks Reward
$30.00 Hoodie
$25.00 Head Phones
$20.00 Track Pants
$15.00 Tank Top
$10.00 Flip Flops
$5.00 To-Go Salad Bowl


Rec Bucks Reward
$12 Special Event (clubs) (75%+) (Ski Club/Rock Climbing Club)
$10 Wellness Classes (75%+)
$9 Special Event
$7 Extramural (per Event)
$6 Intercampus Event
$5 On Campus Event
$5 Professional Sporting Event