Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Thanksgiving Event
  at Stingmas Rec Bucks Redemption 12
  at Intercampus 5-on-5 Basketball
Fri. 21 Extramural Ultimate Frisbee All-Day
Wed. 26 Intercampus Volleyball 4:00PM
Thu. 27 Zipline 1:00PM $15
Thu. 4 Canoeing 3:30PM
Fri. 5 The Rec Room 4:00PM $15
Tue. 16 Go-Karting 6:00PM $20
Thu. 18 Intercampus Outdoor Soccer 5:00PM
Fri. 19 Extramural Co-ed Indoor Soccer All-Day
  Extramural Co-ed Volleyball All-Day
  Extramural Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee All-Day
Wed. 31 Halloween Event 12:00PM
Tue. 6 November Promotional Event 12:00Pm
  Pursuit OCR 5:00PM $15
Fri. 9 Extramural Co-ed Dodgeball All-Day
Tue. 13 In-House Table Tennis Tournament 12:00PM
Wed. 14 Intercampus Poker 5:00PM
Thu. 22 Escape Room 5:00PM $15
Fri. 23 Extramural Co-ed Volleyball All-Day
  Extramural Co-ed Table Tennis/Badminton Tournament All-Day
Tue. 27 Intercampus Table Tennis/Badminton 5:00PM
Wed. 28 In-House 5-on-5 Tournament 12:00PM
Tue. 4 Stingmas Rec Bucks Redemption 12:00PM
Fri. 11 My Goals Draw
Tue. 15 Winter Frosh
Wed. 16 Winter Frosh
Tue. 22 Archery Tag 5:00PM $15
Wed. 30 Ski and Snowboard Club Starts $125
Thu. 31 Bell Let's Talk Day
Fri. 1 SPiN Toronto $15
Tue. 5 Snow Tubing $15
Thu. 7 Pursuit OCR $15
Fri. 8 Blue Mountain Ski Day 7:00AM $15, $35, $60
Tue. 12 Intercampus Flag Football
Thu. 14 Valentine's Day
Mon. 18 Family Day College Closed
Tue. 19 In-House Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
Wed. 20 Wellness Wednesday Heart Workshop
Tue. 5 Dave and Busters 5:00PM $15
Wed. 6 St.Patrick's Day Promotional Event 1:00pm
  Ski and Snowboarding Club 4:00pm $125
Fri. 8 In-House 5-On-5 Basketball Tournament 1:00pm
Wed. 13 Ski and Snowboarding Club 4:00pm $125
Thu. 14 Paintball 5:00pm $15
Fri. 15 Extramural Co-ed Volleyball All Day
  Extramural Co-ed Indoor Soccer 10:00am
Tue. 19 In-House Ultimate Frisbee Tournament 1:00pm
Wed. 20 Intercampus 5-on-5 Basketball 6:00pm
Tue. 26 Raptors Vs. Bulls 6:00pm $30
Thu. 28 Rec Banquet/Social All Day
Wed. 3 Athletic Banquet 6:30pm
Mon. 8 Monthly Challenge 3km Outdoor Run
Tue. 9 Yoga in the Woods 12:00PM-1:00PM
Wed. 10 Intercampus Slo-Pitch @ NH 5:00PM-7:00PM
Wed. 17 Bike & Hike 12:00PM-2:00PM
Thu. 18 Beach Volleyball Tournament Sign up at Rec. Office
Thu. 25 Intercampus Canoeing & Biking @ KING Sign up at Rec. Office
Fri. 26 Holistic Therapy Day 11:00AM-2:00PM
Tue. 30 Try it Tuesday Ropes for Strength & Cardio 11:00AM-12:00PM/2:00PM-3:00PM
Thu. 1 Intercampus Ball Hockey @ YORK 4:00PM-2:00PM
Mon. 5 Civic Holiday (COLLEGE CLOSED)
Tue. 6 Yoga in the Garden 11:00AM-1:00PM
Wed. 7 Therapy dog visit 10:00AM-1:00PM
Thu. 8 Green Tea, Fruit & Intercapmus Canoeing & Biking @ KING 4:45PM
Bold: Home event