Fall 2018 Fitness Classes


Group Fitness Class Descriptions

BOSU: Want to add some balance to your life?  This muscle conditioning class is on the Half Ball to challenge your smaller muscles and find your true balance and coordination.  Instructor: Kim

Cardio Kickboxing: Jab, Kick and Punch your way into fitness.  This 60 minute class will get your heart pumping, and your body moving.  Instructor: Jeff

Circuit Training: An old favorite guaranteed to test your limits.  Work through 3 different circuits targeting cardio, strength and core endurance in this 45 minute class.  Instructor: Kim

Core Conditioning: Ab Blast!  From six pack burning to inner core power, this class gets you squeezing, tightening and flexing your stomach muscles the whole way.  Instructor: Jeff

Core & Stretch:  Strengthen your core and stretch it out during this 45 minute class.  Targeting the abdominals, back muscles and focusing on strengthening and lengthening, this class is just as relaxing as Yoga.  Instructor: Kim

HIIT:  High Intensity, Interval Training.  Join us for a high impact cardio class made to make you work and burn calories.  Instructor: Mariluz

MMA Fitness: Take out your stress on the pads!  This boxing based class will have you punching and kicking your way to greater fitness levels.  Combined with strength training, you’ll finish this class with your muscles fighting for relief!  Instructor: Jeff

Muscle Conditioning: 60 minutes of high repetition based resistance training.  Instructor: Jessica

30 Minute Classes: This 30 minute class will target one of three areas: lower body, upper body or core in a high repetition, muscular endurance class.  Instructor: Kim

ZUMBA:  Shake your groove thing!  This high energy Zumba class will get your hips shaking and your latin vibe racing.  Instructor:  Mariluz