Fall 2018 Fitness Classes


Group Fitness Class Descriptions


Abs & Back:  This 30 minute class will have you strengthening abdominal and back muscles. Instructor: Kim

30 Minute Cardio:  It is highly recommended adults (including College Students) complete 30 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning per day.  This 30 minute program will have a variety of exercises from Step, Gliding, cardio circuits and even running/walking.  Instructor: Kim

Circuit Training: An old favorite guaranteed to test your limits.  Work through 3 different circuits targeting cardio, strength and core endurance in this 45 minute class.  Instructor: Kim

Core Conditioning: Ab Blast!  From six pack burning to inner core power, this class gets you squeezing, tightening and flexing your stomach muscles the whole way.  Instructor: Jeff

Kettlebell:  This high repetition, strength training class will have you noticing a difference in a matter of weeks.  Instructor: Kim

Stretch:  This 30 minute program will use a variety of techniques to stretch out your muscles, including foam rolling, resistance bands, and Bosu Balls.  Instructor: Kim

MMA Fitness: Take out your stress on the pads!  This boxing based class will have you punching and kicking your way to greater fitness levels.  Combined with strength training, you’ll finish this class with your muscles fighting for relief!  Instructor: Jeff

Muscle Conditioning: 45-60 minutes of high repetition based resistance training.  Instructor: Jessica (Tuesday & Thursday AM) or Kim (Thursday PM)

Yoga: Namaste and relax while getting in a serious workout.  Instructor: Jeff