Path to Fitness

Path to Fitness

Fitness is never easy.  It is something you have to continuously work at and through to get the results you desire.

There are three pathways to fitness you can follow here in the Fitness Centre:

Group Based Training:  Get involved with our Fitness Classes which run throughout the week.  We have highly qualified instructors, you are always exercising in a group and can easily meet your goals.  If that isn't enough, try out one of our Small Group Training sessions.  Grab a friend or register on your own to meet some new fitness friends. 


Individual Training:  Choose a program that works for you, put on some headphones and music and jump right in!  We have several programs and challenges which will meet your fitness needs!


Goal Based Training:  Need that extra motivation?  Try our High Five Goal Program.  Choose a goal to work towards every week whether it is running around the track 6 times or holding a plank for 30 seconds, and start to see the changes happen.