Week 5

Week four was a HUGE achievement, you’ve made it half way through the challenge. You’re now looking and feeling better! If you haven’t already, now is the time to switch up your exercise routine for continued progress.

Variety is the key to success. Every three to four weeks you should be switching up your routine. Your muscles grow as they try to adapt to the stress that training causes. If your training is the same for 6 weeks your muscles will fully adapt to the stress and your gains will slow to a halt! You can switch your routine by manipulating on of the variables in your routine. Try changing your number of reps, rest time between sets, weight, tempo and changing your equipment or order of your exercises. For example, try different exercises for the same muscle group.


Instead of This

Try This Exercise

Or This One

Barbell Bench Press

Push Ups

Wide Grip Dips

Pull Downs

Seated Row

Inverted Rows

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Standing Military Press

Push Press

 You can Google these exercises and search for them on YouTube for a good description.

 For more suggestions see your campus Fitness Coordinator.