Fit Tips for 2016

1. Forget all-or-nothing!

Small positive changes, especially done daily, can move you closer to good health. Something as simple as cutting back or eliminating sugar and syrups in tea or coffee can reduce extra calories helping you reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Slowly cut back on how much sugary items you add to your tea or coffee until you can go without it all together.  In this case, less is more.   

2. Be Creative with your Time

Making time to exercise is a common New Year’s resolution, however, like most people, students often say “time” is the main reason they don’t workout or participate in physical activity. If that’s the case, incorporating activity into your daily routine will help. Take the long route to the class or go to the restroom in another building or farther way from where you are to get some exercise. Climb the stairs when possible. It may take a little longer than the escalator or elevator but it will get your heart pumping and work your leg muscles.

3. Jump start your day with Breafast

If you skip breakfast often because you wake up late or have early classes, eating breakfast is a resolution worth making and keeping. Eating breakfast “jump starts” your metabolism and feeds your brain the energy it needs to function optimally.  Skipping breakfast puts you at risk of overeating later in the day and potentially eating the types of foods which may be less than healthy food choices.  

4. Breakfast... The most important meal of the day

For breakfast, choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains for breakfast are high-fibre (low-energy) foods that fill you up with less fat and calories than conventional muffins or bagels. Other healthy breakfast foods include peanut or almond butter (natural without sugar), eggs, low-fat yogurt and milk. Try a banana with almond or peanut butter on a slice of toast or add a sliced banana sliced to yogurt, oatmeal with fruit (fresh or frozen) or make breakfast smoothies with berries, ice and milk.

5. Have a plan!

Plan and prepare healthy foods for your day. Plan how and when you’ll be physically active through the week. As a student you have a scheduled classes, assignments and tests. Plan your food and physical activity  as you would other aspects of your schedule. It will become a habit and easy to do over time.