Fitness Olympics Results

Fitness Olympics Results

The Fitness Olympics against Seneca York fitness centre took place July 22-25th! Thank you to all of our Markham athletes that participated! You all did amazing! Here are the Markham results:⁣

Monday July 22, 2019
Battle Ropes⁣
Individual best time: 1:02⁣
Average group time: 1:02⁣

Mountain Climbers⁣
Individual best time: 1:11⁣
Average group time: 1:11⁣

Shoulder Survivor ⁣
Individual best time: 0:59⁣
Average best time: 0.59⁣

Tuesday July 23, 2019
Kettlebell Swings⁣
Individual best time: 5:19⁣
Average best time: 3:47⁣

Pull Ups⁣
Individual best score: 18⁣
Average best score: 18⁣

Individual best time: 8:03⁣
Average best time: 5:32⁣

Wednesday July 24, 2019
Push Ups⁣
Individual best score: 70⁣
Average best score: 70⁣

Renegade rows (25lb dumbbells)⁣
Individual best score: 111⁣
Average best score: 111⁣

Wall Sit⁣
Individual best time: 5:02⁣
Average best time: 3:39⁣

Thursday July 25, 2019
Individual best score: 24⁣
Average best score: 24⁣

Box Jumps⁣
Individual best score: 70⁣
Average best score: 70⁣

Triceps Dips⁣
Individual best score: 101⁣
Average best score: 65⁣

Big shout out to Seneca York and all their participants! We hope to one day get on your wall-sit level. Thanks for challenging us and we look forward to more friendly competition next semester !